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Joomla! 1.5.17 Released - Fixes 1.5.16 issues

28 April 2010 Joomla News 0 0 votes

Joomla! has released version 1.5.17 to fix the issues we mentioned earlier that were plaguing version 1.5.16:

This is a priority release to correct two issues in version 1.5.16. Although there are no security issues fixed in this release, we consider it a security release because a security-related bug has been fixed and because many sites may be upgraded directly from 1.5.15 to 1.5.17. 

Visit their site to snag the download if you haven't already.


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Joomla 1.5.18 Released - Update Now

29 May 2010 Joomla News 0 0 votes

Joomla! has recently released an update that provides an important security fix.  It's advisable that you update your Joomla powered website as soon as possible.  You can read more about the release and download the update by clicking HERE.

Anytime a new release of popular cms's like Joomla is released, an important question is raised, how are you making sure you're up-to-date?  For security sensitive websites, this even more troublesome to consider if you don't currently have a plan in place.

All of our site maintenance customer's websites have been updated already and sleep well at night not having to worry about every release.  How about you, do you have a plan in place that allows you to sleep comfortably at night knowing your site is up-to-date and safely hosted?  If you're interested in some peace of mind, learn more about the  website maintenance services we offer.  


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Joomla Update 1.6.3 Released fixing issues with 1.6.2

19 April 2011 Joomla News 0 0 votes

Many of our customers who are already using Joomla 1.6 ran into a lot of issues after attempting to update to 1.6.2. If you also ran into issues, you will be exicited to know that a new update has been released fixing many of the issues caused by the changes made in 1.6.2. You can visit the Joomla's site to download the 1.6.3 update or using the Automatic Core Update feature built into Joomla 1.6.

To install updates using the new Automatic Core Update feature built into Joomla 1.6 simply do the following:

  1.  Login to your joomla administrator area ( www.yourdomainname.com/administrator/ )
  2.  Go to Extensions > Extension Manager > And click on "Update"
  3. Click on "Find Updates" and Joomla will automatically find any potential updates available to you.
  4. If you see that Joomla is now an option, check the box next to "Joomla" and click "Update".
  5. Joomla will automatically update the next version of 1.6 for you.

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