Registering Custom Nameservers for a Registered Domain

Registering custom nameservers for your domain registered with us is easy.

After logging into your account at

  1. go to Domains > My Domains and click on "Manage Domain" next to the domain name for which you would like to setup custom nameservers.
  2. then go to the Management Tools tab and click on "Register Nameservers"
  3. on the next page enter in your custom nameserver (ns1, dns1, etc.) you when ordering your hosting service. 
  4. next enter the main IP address provided to you in your Cloud Server Information welcome email and then click "Save Changes"

Repeat this process for additional nameservers and IP addresses. If you only ordered 1 IP address, you can set a second record pointing to your main IP address. After adding your custom nameservers it will take 24 to 48 hous for your domain to delegate authority to your DNS server.

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