How to Install Joomla

It's extremely easy to install Joomla without ever even leaving your the client area. From the client area you can complete a variety of common tasks including:

  • Installing new Joomla sites
  • Edit and/or delete your joomla installs
  • Create and restore Backups of your Joomla sites

To start, go to 'My Services', click on the hosting service where you wish to install Joomla, and then on 'Applications'. 

Here you will see 3 tabs: Installed Applications, Backups and Install New. Clicking on the "Install New" tab will reveal a vast assortment of apps that are available for you to install. You can learn how to install any app from the client area. To install Joomla:

  • Simply locate the latest version of Joomla listed under the "Content Management" section. 
  • Click on it. 

search for joomla app

Now, you have to enter required installation information.

  • First select the domain where you want to install Joomla,  
  • enter a database name,
  • enter a database username
  • enter a password, prefereably a strong passwords
  • enter an administrator username and password. These will be the credentials for logging into your Joomla Administrator area (e.g. for logging into )
  • if you would like your Joomla install to be automatically backed up and updated when there are minor version security releases made, check the box next to "Auto Update". 
  • Then click 'Install Application' and wait for the 'Success' message.

joomla install app details

Now that your App is installed you can view a list of your installed applications by clicking the 'Installed Applications' tab to manage your applications.

Here you will find the name, path, and size of your installed application. You can also:

  • create a backup of your app
  • delete your app
  • edit your app



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