How to Install an App

Install your favorite applications in a few seconds without even accessing cPanel!
Use our application install in the client area to:

  • Install new apps
  • Edit and/or delete your apps
  • Create and restore Backups of your apps
  • To start, go to 'My Services', click on the hosting service where you wish to install apps, and then on 'Applications' where you can click on the 'Install New' tab. 

Installing Apps

Here you will see a menu listing a huge assortment of available applications which are available for you to install.

  • For presentation purposes we will install 'Magento' located in 'eCommerce and Business'.
  • Locate 'Magento' and click on it.

Installing Magento

Now, you have to enter required installation information such as the database name, database user name, passwords and your administrator username and password. Then click 'Install Application' and wait for the 'Success' message.

Application Install Details

Now that your App is installed you can view a list of your installed applications by clicking the 'Installed Applications' tab to manage your applications.

Here you will find the name, path, and size of your installed application. You can also:

  • create a backup of your app
  • delete your app
  • edit your app



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