How do I access my cPanel control panel for my hosting service?

We'll explain some basic procedures and steps to use your account.

1-Click Login into cPanel

Now there's no more need to keep track of your cPanel hosting account details. We make it easy to access cPanel with just one click from the client area at It's simple:

  1. Login to the client area.
  2. Click on "Services" and then on the hosting service you want to manage.
  3. Then scroll down and click on the "cPanel" link to login.
    one click login to cpanel
  4. A new window will open up logging you directly into your cPanel hosting account. 

Direct cPanel Account Access

If you would prefer to access cPanel directly, you can certainly still do that. 

Take a look at the "New Acount Information" email that was sent out to you when you signed up for your cPanel account username and password. These credentials are used to access  FTP and your website cPanel (control panel).

Once you've begun the dns update to use our name servers it will take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours for all worldwide DNS records to reflect the changes. We recommended you use the IP address until you can verify your domain is being served from our servers.

To access your website control panel you can login into it using
or (secure)

Or you can always throw "cpanel" right after your domain name to be redirected to the proper location.

Replace with your actual domain hosted with us or the server ip we assigned you in the welcome email.

You can upload your files you want to make web accessible to the "public_html" directory in your account. Remember, DO NOT delete files that have been created by the system or your account may cease to work!

See our kb on How to login to cPanel Directly for a deeper look. 

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