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Shared Hosting

Starting from only $5/mo.

Our configurable cloud-based web hosting plans provide the best, most affordable and flexible options for hosting your website.
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Joomla Hosting Complete

Plans starting from $49/mo.

The only completely managed, end-to-end, hosting solution for Joomla supported by a team of Joomla Professionals.
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Wordpress Hosting Complete

Plans starting from $49/mo.

With speed and security enhancements and a myriad of features, we offer the best end-to-end hosting solution for Wordpress sites.
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Cloud Servers

Plans starting from $50/mo.

With virtually limitless resources ready to scale to meet your demands, our enterprise grade cloud platform is the perfect home for your next project.
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New Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.

Parallax Pro

Best Joomla! parallax section builder module to build a responsive and attractive section with CSS3 based Parallax scrolling, Lettering and type witter effect.

The easiest way to get an attractive background with CSS3 based parallax scrolling, lettering and type witter effect on your Joomla! Website.

New Features Includes

Easy to Setup and Customize.
Fastest Support By Developer Team.
Control Section Height and Tittle Font Size According to Device Viewport.
Action Button.
Lettering Effect.
More Control on Background Image.
Link Option for Logo.
Pre & Post Text of Typed Title.
Full-Width with Custom Content Width.
Control Link Target Type & Logo Width.
HTML Support on Top and Bottom Content.
Control Content Alignment: Left, Center, Right.

Exclusive Features

Responsive Parallax Background.
Title with Animated Typing and Lettering Effect.
CSS3 Based Parallax Scrolling Effect.
CSS3 Based Parallax Scrolling Effect.
Background Color with Opacity.
Support Custom Content with HTML Markup.
Style Overrides Available form Template.
Customize Everything form Module Options.
Typing Content Support HTML and Multi Line Text.
Super lightweight and easy to use.
Control Section Margin, Padding and Width.
Unlimited Successively typed sentence.
Multiple Instances on One Page.
Joomla 3.9 & Joomla 4 Ready.
Multi-lingual Supported.
Animated Blinking Cursor.
Control Typing Speed.
Control Time Before Typing Starts.
Control Backspacing Speed.
Shuffle the Strings.
Support Typing String loop.
Custom Typing Cursor Character.
Life Time Support and Free upgrade.
Manage settings : typing speed, start delay, back speed, back delay, show cursor, blink cursor, loop etc.


Are you worried that your website gets hacked? Are you afraid of your website pushing malware to your visitors because of this?

Did you know that your website is visited (very) regularly by bots scanning your site for vulnerabilities or spam possibilities? Did you know that there are hundreds of (commercial) companies trying to fight these offenders and keeping track of their IP addresses?

Did you know that now you can protect your website by automatically blocking all IP addresses that are known to participate in on-line attacks, on-line service abuse, malwares, botnets, command and control servers and other cyber crime activities?

Keep your website, your content and your visitors secure!

With this plugin you can instantly block (or redirect) visitors, who's IP address is in an IP set of known offenders, from snooping around and look for vulnerabilities in your site. The IP Sets are maintained by (commercial) companies and are regularly (some real time) updated to hold the latest offenders. These IP sets can have millions of know offenders!

And you can tap into this massive 'community' maintained resource and block all offending bots / hackers / malware / spammers on your site.

New in version 0.1.1

- New: Added options to whitelist complete domains (e.g. googlebot.com)
- Improved: made several logfile entries more verbose
- Improved: fixed issue where Cache lifetime configuration setting was not respected

Version 0.1.0

- Hello World!

SV - Lightbox Gallery

SV - Lightbox Gallery is a free modern joomla module lightbox focused on contents. Totally responsive and adaptive, is extremely flexible to be tailored in the minimum details. Main features of the module: thumbnails navigation, effective socials share, element contents - title, description and author, images "right-click" protection, fullscreen mode, images direct download, mousewheel and Keyboard elements, full control on each animation / effect timing navigation, modal mode and more.

Jx Ajax Contact

Display Joomla Contact Form

This is an awesome free Joomla extension to be used as Joomla contacts. Both contact forms and contact information can be displayed on the website. This is an extension package containing a Plugin and a Module. When you will install the package, both extensions will be installed. First, enable the Plugin and then publish the Module. Contact Form and Information Options are listed at Module back end. There are several color themes you can choose any. There are custom settings as well for your own styling

J3x & 4 Aplha Supported


####✔ Email Sending By Ajax

It can send Email by Ajax request

####✔ Joomla Support

Supported by Joomla 3x and Joomla 4 Alpha

####✔ Address Displaying Panel

There is address displaying area with all details

####✔ To/BCC/CC Support

Recipient Email, BCC and CC configuration available

####✔ Fully Responsive

The extension is fully responsive.

####✔ Light Weight

The extension is very lightweight and used clean coding by a skilled developer

Change log

Version Date    Change
1.0 03/07/2019  * Initial release

✪ Live Preview


JUX Social Media

JUX Social Media is a Joomla social module which gives you a combined social media for all of your social networks. You can display social feeds in beautiful responsive walls or galleries, show user-generated content is a great way to add social proof to your site, social media module for Joomla is one of the outstanding solutions to connect more users to join your network.

More detailed information

Fully responsive.

JUX Social Media looks great and works smoothly on any device including desktop, tablet, and mobile. Moreover, it will automatically adjust to fit with any screen.

Support 6 social networking sites.

JUX Social Media supports 6 famous social networks that are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Vimeo. For each social channel, you can limit the number of posts display and posts load also.

Support 5 different layout styles.

There are 5 layouts for your content to be the display that is masonry, grid, justified, wall, and carousel layout.
With masonry, grid and wall layouts: category, date, description, the number of likes, comments, views, and shares will be shown in one frame.
With justified and carousel layouts: those options will be shown when you hover over the article.
For each article, you can choose a show or hide the options at the backend and easily change the number of description word count to display in one frame.

Filter by Facebook only.

This is an optional feature that can be handy for you. You can filter the social channel to show only Facebook or Instagram which you want

Simple and easy-to-use configuration.

JUX Social Media offers 5 configurations for 5 different layouts. You can easily show or hide the show header and limit number column, row, etc.

Easy control in the backend.

You can easily control your Joomla site with all necessary options in the backend where you can manage which social channels will be displayed, limited posts number, manage the permission settings.

Key features:
• Fully responsive
• 6 social networking channel integrated.
• Support 5 different layouts: masonry, grid, justified, wall and carousel.
• Filter by the social channel which you want.
• Simple & easy-to-use configuration.
• Easy control in the backend.

End Point
With many above core features, we hope you will have a great experience when using JUX Social Media. Don’t hesitate to try it, with the help of this module, you can engage your audience and grow your social capital.

We were first attracted to Simple Source Solutions by the great pricing and good reviews. Over the past few years, Simple Source has exceeded our expectations by helping us with web design, troubleshooting, and good advice. Simple Source is a full service web host that is always available and ready to assist with knowledgeable staff.

Travis Tyler

University of Southern California

We have been working with Simple Source Solutions for the past four years to develop, customize, host, and maintain our internal community site for our photographers and have had an extremely positive experience. They are incredibly responsive and worked with us in the early days of site development with patience and professionalism. They have an attention to detail, and helped us to customize security features that were important to our users. They are as attentive now, as we work to refine and upgrade our site, as they were when we first started working together. It is clear to us that their goal is to provide excellent customer services and more importantly, a site that functions seamlessly.

Rebecca Hale

National Geographic Society

Simple Source Solutions has been the best choice for web development and maintenance of Clark Howard's book site. Simple Source always responds quickly and professionally. It certainly alleviates a lot of stress on the front end of running the website knowing that the back end of website maintenance is well taken care of. The price that we pay for services would be the true definition of value considering the expertise and customer service we receive for what we pay.

Joel Larsgaard

The Clark Howard Show

I have been very happy with Simple Source. You guys always over-deliver, especially with support, and you'll always be the first provider I consider for any of my appropriate hosting needs.

Alex Topiler


These guys rock! Support is very fast, polite and they solve my problems. The hosting is good and load times are great. I started with a Joomla hosting plan. I ended up switching our website to Wordpress to use some of the tools in Wordpress. I did not change hosts. These guys have helped me keep my site up and running.

Michael Black

Colorado Chinese Language Center

We, at Sedki & Russ Engineers, Inc., have been truly impressed with the work from Simple Source Solutions. We spent a lot of time interviewing and researching firms to develop and maintain our website. We chose Simple Source Solutions because of their straight-forward plans that were easy to understand. Their existing work was clean and uncluttered, but impressive at the same time. Since first choosing to use their services, they have been responsive to any changes, additions, or issues that we have had with the site. I would highly recommend them to any small business looking for an internet presence.

Ashley Goodrich

Sedki & Russ Engineers, Inc.

From the development process through hosting, Simple Source Solutions has displayed exceptional service and professionalism. We've been so pleased with their work, we continue to refer other companies to them at every opportunity.

Jody C. Whitt

Construction Loan Consultants

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