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Shared Hosting

Starting from only $5/mo.

Our configurable cloud-based web hosting plans provide the best, most affordable and flexible options for hosting your website.
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Joomla Hosting Complete

Plans starting from $49/mo.

The only completely managed, end-to-end, hosting solution for Joomla supported by a team of Joomla Professionals.
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Wordpress Hosting Complete

Plans starting from $49/mo.

With speed and security enhancements and a myriad of features, we offer the best end-to-end hosting solution for Wordpress sites.
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Cloud Servers

Plans starting from $50/mo.

With virtually limitless resources ready to scale to meet your demands, our enterprise grade cloud platform is the perfect home for your next project.
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[jvtestimonials style="slide-2" ][jvtest name="Travis Tyler" subname="University of Southern California"]We were first attracted to Simple Source Solutions by the great pricing and good reviews. Over the past few years, Simple Source has exceeded our expectations by helping us with web design, troubleshooting, and good advice. Simple Source is a full service web host that is always available and ready to assist with knowledgeable staff.[/jvtest][jvtest name="Rebecca Hale" subname="National Geographic Society"]We have been working with Simple Source Solutions for the past four years to develop, customize, host, and maintain our internal community site for our photographers and have had an extremely positive experience. They are incredibly responsive and worked with us in the early days of site development with patience and professionalism. They have an attention to detail, and helped us to customize security features that were important to our users. They are as attentive now, as we work to refine and upgrade our site, as they were when we first started working together. It is clear to us that their goal is to provide excellent customer services and more importantly, a site that functions seamlessly.[/jvtest][jvtest name="Joel Larsgaard" subname="The Clark Howard Show"]Simple Source Solutions has been the best choice for web development and maintenance of Clark Howard's book site. Simple Source always responds quickly and professionally. It certainly alleviates a lot of stress on the front end of running the website knowing that the back end of website maintenance is well taken care of. The price that we pay for services would be the true definition of value considering the expertise and customer service we receive for what we pay.[/jvtest][jvtest name="Alex Topiler" subname="PinLeague.com"]I have been very happy with Simple Source. You guys always over-deliver, especially with support, and you'll always be the first provider I consider for any of my appropriate hosting needs.[/jvtest][jvtest name="Michael Black" subname="Colorado Chinese Language Center" ]These guys rock! Support is very fast, polite and they solve my problems. The hosting is good and load times are great. I started with a Joomla hosting plan. I ended up switching our website to Wordpress to use some of the tools in Wordpress. I did not change hosts. These guys have helped me keep my site up and running.[/jvtest][jvtest name="Ashley Goodrich" subname="Sedki & Russ Engineers, Inc." ]We, at Sedki & Russ Engineers, Inc., have been truly impressed with the work from Simple Source Solutions. We spent a lot of time interviewing and researching firms to develop and maintain our website. We chose Simple Source Solutions because of their straight-forward plans that were easy to understand. Their existing work was clean and uncluttered, but impressive at the same time. Since first choosing to use their services, they have been responsive to any changes, additions, or issues that we have had with the site. I would highly recommend them to any small business looking for an internet presence.[/jvtest][jvtest name="Jody C. Whitt" subname="Construction Loan Consultants" ]From the development process through hosting, Simple Source Solutions has displayed exceptional service and professionalism. We've been so pleased with their work, we continue to refer other companies to them at every opportunity.[/jvtest][/jvtestimonials]

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